Flash Web Interface Replaced with HTML5

Dec 19th 2020

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This update is recommended for all Mirage Media Streamers to replace the Adobe Flash Interface with an updated HTML5 Based UI. Support for Adobe Flash is being discontinued on most browsers and devices at the end of this month.

Significant Changes for this update
  • Replace Flash user interface with new HTML5 UI.

Detailed Release Notes and Integration Guides

Detailed Release Notes...

Autonomic has tested this firmware release using standard integration methods and supported control platforms. Due to variations in custom installations, we recommend testing all firmware releases before deploying to customer sites.

Note for A-Series Servers: This release is available as hotfix only on A-Series devices pending a final production release in the coming weeks. Click here for more information on applying hotfix firmware updates.

The reply-to address on this email is unmonitored. For questions or additional information, please contact us at or

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