Recent Firmware Releases

Dec 15th 2020

RELEASE 6.1.20201216.0, December 2020

New features

  • Replace Flash Web UI (old interface still available at http://ipOfServer/Mirage/Mirage.html)

RELEASE 6.1.20201201.0, November 2020

General software improvements

  • Improve NAS compatibility


  • Improve preset reliability in Tunebridge schedules


  • Protect other services from inactivity timeout


  • Improve reliability when moving from one track to the next
  • Improve reliability loading user playlists
  • Improve handling for account used elsewhere


  • Improve re-authentication process

RELEASE 6.1.20201022.0, October 2020

New features

General software improvements

  • Improve USB DAC configuration and playback reliability
  • Improve support for KP-6 All Off
  • Improve device output configuration
  • Improve performance and reliability in systems with multiple streamers and amps
  • Improve MRAD feedback
  • Improve performance while recalling presets
  • Improve reliability of new control connections directly after boot
  • Improve over-volume protection


  • Improve schedule reliability
  • Improve schedule configuration page
  • Turn off zones at end of schedule


  • Improve stability and reliability while browsing

Local content

  • Improve cover art performance for local content
  • Improve m4a format playback reliability
  • Support newer SMB protocols for mounting NAS drives
  • Support NAS paths with spaces

Amazon Music

  • Fix for playback of tracks with certain special characters in title or artist


  • Fix authentication issues


  • Improve stations list update logic


  • Enable Skip Next/Previous for podcasts


  • Improve playback reliability


  • Improve Spotify playlist handling
  • Reload content of updated playlists
  • Fix issue switching between Spotify connect and browsed Spotify content
  • Improve browse reliability
  • Improve reliability when switching between Spotify Connect and native playback
  • Improve error handling while loading user's saved content
  • Ensure content is loaded in language appropriate to the user account
  • Allow login through control client


  • Replace user/password login with OAuth login (see here for more information)


  • Fix playback auto-resume on power cycle