SMS License Upgrade

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**Effective November 1st 2021, the credit promotion for SMS license upgrades will end.** 

This solution is for dealers who have a legacy Savant SMS or Savant licenced MMS and require an immediate firmware upgrade. This can resolve issues with Flash, Pandora, Spotify, and other Streaming Services. Contact Autonomic Support for more details on specific issues that can be resolved with this upgrade.

Features Include:

  • New HTML 5 Web UI to replace Flash based UI
  • New Pandora API - Fixes Missing Stations in Browse
  • Improved Spotify Reliability - Fixes Missing Playlists
  • Enhanced Tidal Login Security
  • Improved SiriusXM Playback Reliability
  • Fixes for iHeartRadio Login Issues and other Stability Fixes

In addition, all units that undergo this upgrade will receive future firmware updates that are released for A Series MMSs

Upgraded units are still eligible to be traded in for a full upgrade credit towards an eSeries MMS!

Eligible Products:

  • SMS-002A
  • SMS-005A
  • SMS-102A
  • Savant Licensed MMS-2
  • Savant Licensed MMS-2A
  • Savant Licensed MMS-5A