Autonomic Delivers Suite of Control System Updates for eSeries Multi-Room Audio Products

Sep 8th 2022

As an extension to its recent product launch of the Advanced Music Bridge (AMB), (Autonomic’s first new product release since returning as an independent company) Autonomic continues to progress its award-winning line of AoIP multi-room audio products with a suite of control system updates to enable support of the AMB’s new features and improve overall performance.

The Advanced Music Bridge works with Autonomic eSeries Mirage Media Servers to deliver next generation features through its latest firmware release, Mirage OS 7, which includes the highly anticipated support for browse and playback of Apple Music, Calm Radio, and increases local track limit support from 40,000 to an astonishing 200,000 tracks. Many of its third-party integration partners require updates to the existing driver set to support access for the new services. Updated drivers are available for Control4, Elan, RTI, and URC. For Crestron, Crestron Home, and systems, support is automatically available at the time new services are introduced on the MMS Mirage Operating System.

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In addition to new integrated features, Autonomic has announced a new driver for Crestron Home to add support for their suite of eSeries matrix amplifiers. Now Crestron Home systems are equipped to support a full multi-room solution using Autonomic’s proprietary eAudioCast™ audio over IP technology for a flexible and scalable solution supporting up to 32 sources into 40 audio zones. Intuitive controls enable users to power on/off zones, control volume for independent or groups of zones, and direct local and streaming sources to any zone on the system. Autonomic offers its dealers strong margins and bundled system packages enabling their partners to provide a robust and feature-rich solution ready to power the latest high-end residential and light commercial projects.

Additional updates to improve programming and simplify integration of Autonomic products include: 


To help simplify programming and setup, Autonomic has updated its Control4 driver (version 6.6.8) to automatically install supportive instance drivers needed for programming streaming services on any of the eSeries MMS models. Other updates include improvements to overall performance and stability.


The newest RTI driver version 20.3.0 works with the latest RTI software including RTI Integration Designer Apex 10.4 and Integration Designer 11. The driver includes pre-programmed UI bundles that supports all UI functionality helping to reduce programming and setup times.


For continued support of legacy SMS A Series units, Autonomic provides dealers a SMS License Upgrade to convert the unit to an Autonomic license to update to the latest firmware available. The upgrade addresses many performance issues with streaming services and extends the lifespan of the SMS unit. Additionally, dealers can benefit from a profitable trade-in program to upgrade to Autonomic eSeries hardware for access to its latest features from the Savant user interface. Dealers interested in learning more should contact Autonomic Sales.


Newly certified by URC® the eSeries MMS driver version 2.1.4 features a range of user interface improvements to deliver a better browsing experience for all Total Control Systems. The driver also adds new two-way commands for macro integration. Additionally, the Mirage Amplifier driver version 1.2 improves reliability of queries and events per zone. Both drivers are accessible to URC dealers via the URC Dealer Portal or from Autonomic.

Autonomic provides in-house support for all control system drivers by their expert team of support and software engineers. Download any of the latest drivers on any product page under the "Product Documentation" tab. 

All Autonomic products are in stock and shipping within 48 hours from the time of order placement.

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