New Firmware Available for Legacy Streamers

Feb 15th 2021

New firmware has been release for A Series units that contains many of the bug fixes and improvements that have been developed for eSeries. Detailed Release Notes and Integration GuidesNew Featur … read more

Flash Web Interface Replaced with HTML5

Dec 19th 2020

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This update is recommended for all Mirage Media Streamers to replace the Adobe Flash Interface with an updated HTML5 Based UI. Support for Adobe Flash is being discontinued on most … read more

Recent Firmware Releases

Dec 15th 2020

RELEASE 6.1.20201216.0, December 2020New features Replace Flash Web UI (old interface still available at http://ipOfServer/Mirage/Mirage.html)RELEASE 6.1.20201201.0, November 2020General software … read more